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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hank Haney says Williams firing ``another not-great sign'' for Tiger Woods

Instructor Hank Haney, who was with Tiger Woods for 32 of his victories, was shocked to hear that Woods fired longtime caddie Steve Williams.

I can't believe it because Steve Williams is the best caddie I've ever seen,'' Haney said by phone Wednesday. ``Just look at his record. The guy is so talented, and he's been such a big supporter of Tiger. I don't know what to make of it. It's another not-great sign.''

Haney resigned his coaching duties with Woods in May 2010. He worked with Woods and Williams for six major titles.

``I don't know how you measure it, but Stevie deserves some credit,'' Haney said. ``He's been with Greg Norman and Raymond Floyd, guys who won major championships. It makes no sense.''

Williams did not know that Woods, who has been recovering from injuries to his left leg, was going to miss the U.S. Open until he arrived from New Zealand. He hooked up with Adam Scott after initially getting approval from Woods. But sources said that Woods changed his mind, and that Williams was unwilling to break his agreement wth Scott. He has been looping for Scott ever since.

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