Bill Nichols

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texas Junior Golf Alliance created to attract more players to statewide events

The four organizations operating the state’s most prominent junior golf programs have formed the Texas Junior Golf Alliance to provide greater access to statewide competitions.

Texas Golf Association, the Northern Texas and Southern Texas sections of the PGA of America and the Houston Golf Association have joined forces to simplify qualifying for the Legends Junior Tour’s statewide major events. The organizations provide playing opportunities to more than 6,000 boys and girls in 500-plus tournaments. The PGA Sections have been holding the Texas State Junior Championship since 1922.

Since 2006 the TGA and the two PGA Sections have developed the Legends Junior Tour, running special events for advanced players, including multi-day tournaments. The addition of HGA, which has been promoting junior golf since 1957, should help attract more players to those special events.

Entry eligibility for Legends Junior Tour events will now be determined by a statewide points list, which will be available on each Texas Junior Golf Alliance website.

Juniors will have dual membership in their respective programs and the Texas Junior Golf Alliance for a single membership fee. Each organization will offer a select number of Texas Junior Golf Alliance Points Tournaments in their schedules: NTPGA (15), STPGA (8), HGA (8) and LJT (14).

For more information: Legends Junior Tour; Houston Golf Association:; Northern Texas PGA:; Southern Texas PGA:; Texas Golf Association:

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